HS041 Stamped Round




Approx. 2mm x 3mm, 1mm hole, 13 beads per inch.

Full strand measures approx. 29″, 377 beads, 27.5-29.2 grams. Stated price is based on 29.2 grams.
Half strand measures approx. 14.5″, 188 beads. Stated price is based on 14.6 grams

Handmade of ~95+% silver by Karen Hilltribe silversmiths in Northern Thailand. Due to the handmade nature of these beads; size, strand length, weight and design may vary. Click here for larger image.All silver orders are weighed and the price charged is based on the actual weight. Items may be mixed and matched to obtain quantity discounts. Our website is not set up to calculate price breaks. We will perform the necessary calculations in our office.